BioCentric products capture the essence of South African innovation. The products are all manufactured locally, ensuring cost competitiveness, high efficiency and savings on logistics. Buying our products shows that you are a part of our heritage to create local socio-economic growth and support job creation.

BioCentric invests in providing solutions to our aquaculture industry and we trust that in return our clients will support the growth of our manufacturing industry. We have expert support services and our inventions are backed by scientific data that we pass openly onto our customers, so that the superiority of our products and technology are obvious in the value to our clients.

We all know that there are many claims and products on the market, mostly imported and some manufactured by dubious means. The failure of many products has created a negative perception about biological products in the minds of end users. BioCentric’s bacterial products contain indigenous and safe bacteria that have been scientifically tested to integrate into the aquaculture system and will not cause any environmental damage downstream. You are not introducing any invasive or non-local bacterial strains to our environments.

The products are formulated with food grade ingredients and the dosage can be adjusted by the user to maximise the cost benefit ratio based on actual farm management practices. Our bacteria have proprietary stabilisation technology built into the product which allows for simple and long term storage on the farm, while our activators ensure rapid and high bioactivity of our products.

The scientific data and information that we provide to our customers is superlative and typically not available for other products on the market. With us, you can be certain that you are in the hands of the experts.

BioCentric offers a comprehensive selection of products that allows you to maintain your aquaculture system, domestic ponds and other water related systems. Our products are easy to use and sufficiently affordable so that routine use will assist our customers to ensure a trouble free stable ecosystem. Whether you chose the DIY route or are a professional, you will find that our products will make your task that much easier.

We urge our domestic and professional users alike to always look towards prevention, thus minimising the need for drastic treatments, which can destabilise natural systems, reduce productivity and result in mortality.

Topical treatments are often difficult to administer, unless you are a professional, yet quite often lesions can be easily treated by topical means preventing the need for expensive and difficult to administer antibiotic therapies.

BioCentric has taken up the challenge by providing easy to use tropical treatments in atomizing spray applications. This means that treatment of lesions can be done easily when fish are being handled, such as during inspections, grading and measuring. As much as the treatments were designed for higher value ornamental specimens, the product can be custom packaged in bulk for on-farm use in aquaculture operations.

Our BioRepair and BioWound are world beating products, endorsed over many years by the most prestigious of ornamental collectors in pursuit of perfect specimens. BioSleep has also taken care of ancillary needs by providing a natural anesthetic and nano-formulated disinfectant to assist with BioCentric’s treatment applications.