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    BioCentric develops, manufactures and distributes medications and water treatments.

BioCentric Technologies offers a comprehensive selection of products for aquaculture systems, domestic ponds and other water related systems.

Our water treatment products benefit the Tilapia, Carp, Kabeljou, Koi, Tropical / Marine aquarium and Crocodile industries, amongst others.

Koi are fun to keep and bring a large amount of beauty and tranquility to the garden. Keep BioCentric products handy in case of an emergency or if you have to treat a looming ulcer. Rather be prepared than run around looking to purchase medication at the last minute.

How BioCentric began

Two partners; Kevin Harrison and Larry Hubbard, set up the initiative to assist mainly koi keepers with health related and water quality issues pertaining to the hobby. We joined forces with experts in the field to assist in developing products for our company which had a humble beginning.

Four products were introduced when the company was launched and soon we were inundated with requests which extended beyond Koi ponds. Larger recirculated water systems which are the home to tilapia, kabeljou and crocodiles – to mention a few – became one of our focus areas.

Soon we realised that the problems associated with koi keepers is a reality for aquaculture farmers all over the world. A need for better water quality in recirculated systems became one of our main priorities. Collaboration with scientific institutes and water specialists led us into the development of new products to address the aquaculture needs.

Scientific trials on farms and in the laboratory are continuous and this helps to ensure that our products are providing clients with effective aquaculture solutions relative to their industry.

Research and development remains a priority because of our association with scientific institutes in the country. We now assist in setting standards to ensure that minimum requirements are set and maintained for water conditions in the aquaculture industry.

Research and development

Research and development projects are conducted in the field where all the extraneous variables are at work.

Before entering into the field, extensive laboratory research is conducted with control groups in place to establish the efficacy of our products.

These are obviously controlled environments in recirculated water systems.